Before anything else, let’s get one thing clear: in Florida, all foreclosures are judicial in nature. That means everything related to a matter of foreclosure is controlled by the courts.

In other words, the legal system.

If you’re not confident in your ability to navigate Florida’s legal system, specifically in the matter of real estate in relation to your rights as an American (particularly if you’re behind on your mortgage payments), then it might be an excellent idea for you to seek legal advice as soon as you can. Professional legal counsel can help you avoid further legal complications—your best bet is to get ahead of the game as soon as possible.

Any kind of situation involving mortgage litigation is exactly what an experienced law firm like The Hoffman Law Group is for—to help you avoid getting hit in the worst way possible if you've begun defaulting on your payments or are encountering other real estate troubles.

The Job Market and Foreclosures: Not Entirely Unrelated

Ordinarily, losing one's job shouldn’t be a direct cause of losing one's property—but that’s only if the economy and the labor market are healthy to begin with. However, since 2008 (the year when the housing bubble burst) and up to the present day, the job market has been stagnating in a situation you could describe as “iffy”.

First, there’s no guarantee that if you lose your job, you’ll get a replacement right away. Second, as sure as the sun shines in Florida (and in every other state, for that matter), if you don’t have a steady source of income that’s more than enough to sustain your basic needs, the very real danger of foreclosure can loom on the horizon.

The Hoffman Law Group can assist you in handling that risk by helping you understand the Florida foreclosure processes and general timeline.

In other words, The Hoffman Law Group will:

  • make it far easier for you to comprehend Florida foreclosure laws

  • Understand what you can do about managing a possibly impending foreclosure

  • Proceed in a manner which preserves your dignity, your home, and helps you maintain your footing so that you can start shoring up your future

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

The saying that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you” is about the worst advice you could take when facing potential mortgage litigation.

At the top of the list of legal concepts which you should understand are the foreclosure process the general timeline of this process—that is to say, how much time do you have to fight back?

Having a legal team like The Hoffman Law Group on your side can help you understand foreclosure laws and take appropriate action. This can mean the difference between keeping your home and losing it for good.



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